How to Think About Data


In school we learn about mathematics, but not how to think about data. We are taught formulas, theories, postulates and axioms, but not how to think about data. We learn definitions, but not how to think about data and how to understand data.

You will find the remedy to the problem in this program. Arriving at empirical evidence from the clear understanding of data is the most direct line to rapid problem solving. Opinions of the experts can quickly pale when confronted with numerical evidence. Participants will learn to connect the data to the actions.

Participants learn how to collect, analyze and interpret data. The facilitator will cover, in-depth, essentials of statistical decision making. The facilitator will use Minitab software for all analytical actions during the program. Once the data has identified useful actions, the participants will learn how to use Minitab Quality Companion (additional software) to organize every aspect of the forthcoming improvement projects.

  • Introduction to Statistical Thinking
  • Understanding Variation
  • Demystifying Chaos in Data to Actionable information
  • The Simplest Analysis is the Best Analysis
  • Having the Right Data
  • Graphical Presentations
  • Separating Signals from Noise
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Capability and Measurement System Analysis
  • Predictive Methods

This program may be delivered in an eight-, 16- or 24-hour format and is targeted for those responsible for collecting and analyzing data, as well as those who make decisions based on data.

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

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Robert Skillman Robert Skillman

Kent State training and certification facilitator, Robert Skillman is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a Lean Master Sensei who has been training and certifying Black Belts in Six Sigma and Lean methods since 1997.

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Stephen Skillman Stephen Skillman

Stephen Skillman is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt who facilitates the training of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belts at Kent State University. Skillman received his bachelor's degree in business administration from Lake Erie College.

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"This program was well worth the time and I'd strongly recommend it."

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