Introduction to Supervision

After exploring the role and responsibilities of a supervisor, the facilitator provides learning on key skills and abilities to be successful in the role. The content is applicable for individuals new to the supervisory role, as well as those with experience in the role. This program can be broken down into smaller segments spread over time to allow for a cohort process that would incorporate action learning through application of each of the six key skills at work.

  • Recognize the Role of a Supervisor and What is Different
  • Explore Motivation Models to Understand What Motivates Employees
  • Learn Skills to Manage Discipline
  • Gain Awareness of Communication Styles and How to Adapt to Each
  • Learn and Apply a Process for Feedback
  • Identify Ways to Build and Break Trust
  • Delve Into Setting Expectations

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site or virtually for your employees and leaders.

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Michael Rooney Michael Rooney

Mike Rooney is a results-oriented, Toyota Production System manufacturing professional with a unique blend of experience, skills and education.

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“Great program for new supervisors, or those thinking of becoming supervisors for the first time. The content was appropriate and contained the right amount of detail.”

Marlena Hudson, Chief of Employee and Organization Development Division, NASA Glenn Research Center