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Lean Kaizen Event

Today, enormous amounts of waste exist in office and service environments. Delays, bottlenecks, errors and work-arounds are very common. Non-value added work can be as high as 70 percent. The Lean methodology can help reduce or eliminate these wastes. A Lean Kaizen Event is an intense and focused three-day improvement event where participants use Lean techniques, workplace teams, brainstorming and problem solving to rapidly make immediate and tangible improvements in office processes and information flow.

At the conclusion of this Kaizen Event, participants will have gained hands-on experience in reducing process wastes and inefficiencies common to most office environments and will be able to apply these skills to other office processes immediately.

Prior to the actual Kaizen Event, planning and preparation will include the following activities completed by the event sponsor, process owner and team leaders:

  • Select a Strategically Important Process and Develop a Business Case Statement and SMART Goals
  • Create a High-level SIPOC Diagram (suppliers-input-process-output-customers)
  • Select the Kaizen Event Improvement Team
  • Develop a Preliminary Team Project Charter

In the Kaizen event, the facilitator will lead the team through the process:

  • Lean Office Introduction
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Business Case Statement and SMART Goals
  • SIPOC Diagram and Team Project Charter
  • Create Current State Value Stream Maps
  • Create Future State Value Stream Maps
  • Understand Where Lean tools such as 5S/Visual Office, Standard Work and Continuous Flow can be Applied
  • Identify and Prioritize Improvement Opportunities
  • Create Action Plans and Key Performance Metrics
  • Present Results and Recommendations to the Leadership Team
  • Explore the "Reality of Change"
  • Understand How to Implement a Lean Office and Begin to Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement
  • Review Tips on Team-building and Effective Meetings
  • Discuss Leadership Engagement to Sustain Continuous Improvement

This three-and-one-half-day facilitated initiative is targeted for all process improvement teams in an organization.

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

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John Potkalitsky John Potkalitsky

John Potkalitsky retired from Eaton Corporation after 20 years of successfully providing hands-on leadership in Lean transformation activities for manufacturing and office environments at both domestic and international plant sites

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