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Mental Bandwidth Basics

Mental bandwidth is the moment-to-moment amount of brain resources that each person possesses. Like time and physical energy, there is a limit to the amount of mental bandwidth we have available. When we exhaust our physical energy, we become tired, more prone to injury, and less physically productive. Similarly, when we exhaust our mental bandwidth, we become mentally tired (less engaged), more prone to making mistakes, and less productive at our work objectives.

We can increase our capacity for innovation, productivity, and satisfaction by better understanding bandwidth and putting into practice bandwidth-informed strategies. This session will focus on the essential concepts and principles of the mental bandwidth perspective and will include tools that individuals can use to practice bandwidth self-care, invest their bandwidth more wisely, and refresh their bandwidth when exhausted.

  • Describe and Explain Mental Bandwidth
  • Identify Bandwidth Drains and Common Signs of Bandwidth Exhaustion
  • Implement Individual Strategies to Streamline Daily Bandwidth Demands
  • Commit to Bandwidth “Self-Care” Practices

This four-hour program is targeted for all professionals in an organization.

We can tailor this program and deliver it on-site for your employees and leaders.

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