Process Improvement Grants for Local Government Efficiency Program

Partner with The Center for Corporate and Professional Development to plan your Lean strategy, submit your proposal for Process Improvement funding and learn how to effectively use Lean tools for process improvement!

Process Improvement Grants

Up to $100,000 in grant funding is available for local governments to learn and use Lean Six Sigma to improve processes and make services simpler, faster, better and less costly. Grant funds will be awarded by the Local Government Innovation Council on a quarterly basis. With application deadlines in early June, September and December, the Council will approve grants and loans prior to the next funding deadline. Contact us today at 330-672-5828 to discuss how our Center can assist your organization!

Information on the Grant Application process

Why Select Kent State's Center for Corporate and Professional Development as your Consultant?

  • Kent State consultants will train project teams to utilize the tools of Lean and Six Sigma and complete projects using the rigor of Define Measure Analyze Improve Control (DMAIC).
  • Kent State consultants also incorporate the important model of Team Oriented Problem Solving (TOPS).
  • Kent State's content, approach and curriculum is supported by and developed with input from a Lean Six Sigma Steering Committee, the members of which are each continuous improvement organizational leaders and practitioners.
  • The Kent State Lean Six Sigma expertise is proven: nearly 500 students from organizations of all industries,  including public and governmental agencies have completed training and certification delivered by Kent State Lean and Six Sigma facilitators.
  • Kent State will recommend and implement a strategic approach to the continuous improvement planning, consulting and facilitation processes.
  • Kent State consultants and facilitators have years of experience practicing the application of Lean Six Sigma tools and concepts.
  • All consulting and facilitation is comprehensive and interactive. The Center for Corporate and Professional Development performance consultants believe in a holistic approach, utilizing experiential learning.
  • The Center for Corporate and Professional Development performance consultants will tailor the project consulting, training and coaching to the mission, goals and objectives of the organization.