Course Offerings

Course offerings are subject to change and may vary each summer.  The following classes are open to all students.  Most classes have no prerequisites, but check the catalog or talk with an advisor for details.  Be sure  to meet with your academic advisor to discuss which courses are best fit with the requirements for your major.


ITAL 15201 Elementary Italian I
ITAL 15202 Elementary Italian II
ITAL 25201 Intermediate Italian I

COMM 45091 The Genius of Florence
CCI 40095 Italian Cinema
COMM 35852 Intercultural Communication

ARTH 42095 The Golden Age of Italian Art

BSCI 40163: Evolution
BSCI 40195/GEOG  41195/ARCH 46995/GEOL 41695: The City of Florence: Achieving Balance Between Architecture and Ecology
CLAS 21405 The Roman Achievement
HIST 38195 Italian Mafia
HIST 38195 Modern Italian History and Culture
PHIL 49995: The Revolution in Modern Thought: How Philosophy in Florence Shaped the Way We Think Today

BUS 30234 International Business
BUS 40195 Global Business Field Trip/Case Study
MKTG 45060 International Marketing

Comparative Health Systems