Program Costs

The estimated cost for your participation in Kent State Geneva will include the following items:

Program Admin Fee $525 Billed to Kent State Bursar Account
Program Tuition $8,855 Billed to Kent State Bursar Account
Housing (estimate) $3,400 Based on double occupancy apartment. Billed to Kent State Bursar Account
Flight, Passport, Visa, Meals, Personal Expenses *Arranged by individual applicant *$1,000 Flight Scholarship available for each accepted student. These items are not billed to students' accounts, but are independently arranged. 
TOTAL $12,780.00  

Here are a few things to keep in mind while you look over the program costs:

  • These costs do not include food, textbooks and other incidentals.
  • These estimates are not guaranteed for future semesters.
  • Most Kent State University scholarships will apply to study abroad costs and federal financial aid will apply.  Non-KSU students, contact your university's financial aid office for assistance.
  • Please remember to apply early if you are planning to use financial aid or loans.
  • For budgetary purposes, it is recommended that participants plan ahead for the costs associated with independent travel and personal incidentals.