Class Project Agreement

The Class Project Agreement (CPA) is designed to offer students an option to enrich the academic experience in upper-division courses in academic majors and programs for which Honors courses are not offered.

Under the direction of the instructor of a course, students can create a one-credit-hour Honors experience in association with a non-Honors course. The goal of this project is to provide students with an enriched educational experience through a course in the major or other field of interest.

Enrollment & Registration

In order to participate in the CPA option, students must submit a completed contract. The contract must be submitted nolater than the first week of classes during the semester of enrollment. Students are registered for one-credit-hour of HONR 30096 or HONR 40096, depending on the course level for which the CPA is being completed.

This project may only be added to 3-credit-hour, standard-letter-graded, upper-division, non-Honors courses that meet for a full term and are not delivered fully online. Students must have completed a minimum of one semester of membership in the Honors College and a minimum of one Honors course prior to enrollment for a Class Project Agreement.

Download the Class Project Agreement Contract (PDF)

Faculty Responsibilities

The faculty member supervising the project is responsible for ensuring the project is integrally and substantively related to the work done in the course. Projects should not be merely an extension of regular course assignments.

It is expected that the faculty member will be committed to meeting with a student outside of scheduled class times to review and discuss progress.

Faculty are responsible for reporting a standard letter grade for the project at the end of the academic term.