Study Away & Study Abroad

You will have a life-changing experience. Your world will expand, and your perspective about yourself in that world will never be the same.

The Honors College encourages all of its students to acquire broader national and global perspectives and appreciate cross-cultural values and achievements. Students may earn honors credit for an off-campus educational experience, domestic or international, in which a minimum of 6 credit hours of academic credit are earned at an accredited institution. Students are required to submit the Honors Study Away Contract prior to participation in their study away experience. Honors credit cannot be granted until all of the above requirements have been met and credit for all of your courses have been posted to your Kent State University transcript.

Honors Credit for Study Away Experiences

To receive Honors hours for a study away experience, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The student must submit an electronic application for the study away experience prior to departure and participation in the program.
  2. The student will participate in a study away semester of four weeks or longer through an accredited university. All programs are subject to approval by the Honors College. Check with your Honors advisor to see if a program is approved.
  3. The study away program must generate at least six hours of credit.
  4. The Registrar’s Office must receive an official transcript after the experience showing successful completion of coursework (C’s or better). For students studying at a KSU-affiliated program, (e.g. Kent State Florence), your courses will be automatically posted to your transcript.
  5. The student will submit a three- to five-page reflection essay focusing on the learning gained from the experience. This reflection paper should address the following questions: How did the study away experience complement your academic program?; How did the experience change the way you understand some aspect(s) of the discipline(s) you studied? What observations did you make about the culture during your time studying away?
  6. The student will submit at least one photograph from the study away location. This photograph may appear on our Honors College website or in other promotional materials.
  7. The student will submit the required essay and photograph within one month of the end of the experience.

Study Away Contract