Study Away Opportunities

Opportunities to experience theatre and dance on a national and global scale is an important component of study within the School of Theatre and Dance. Students have multiple opportunities throughout the academic year to participate in study away programs in the areas of both dance and theatre.


Dionysian Study in Athens, Greece

Dr. Daniel-Raymond Nadon will lead a study away experience in March 2019 for students in Athens, Greece. Students will engage in a semester-long course (Theatre 41095/51095) and travel to Greece over Spring Break 2019 (March 23-31) for a 7-day trip to Athens, Delphi, Mycenae, and Epidaurus.

The approximate cost of the trip is $1,500 and includes accommodations, 2 bus trips, lectures, tours, shows, and museums.

For more information, contact Dr. Daniel-Raymond Nadon at

Theatre and Society in Prague, Czech Republic

Professor Tammy Honesty (Kent Campus) and professor Eric Kildow (Trumbull Campus) will lead a course in Theatre and Society in Prague, Czech Republic (THEA 41095 –Special Topics: Theatre and Political Transition) from May 25 - June 18, 2019. The course explores the centrality of theatre to Czech culture and its position as a driving social and political force.

The approximate cost of the trip, not including airfare, is $2,660. 

Fore more information, contact Professor Tammy Honesty at 330-672-0110 or or Professor Eric Kildow at 330-675-8829 or


East Meets West is a study away program for dance students that creates opportunities for artistic collaboration, engages diverse educational experiences, and builds global citizens for the 21st century. Each January, dance students spend 2 weeks in Thailand for an educational and performance exchange that provides opportunities for teachers and learners to share unique knowledge from their cultures, supports the development of new forms of diverse artistic expression, and promotes global understanding.



EDINBURGH Festival Fringe

Since 2014, the School of Theatre and Dance has supported students' participation in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland. Students create and produce original works and perform them at the world's largest theatre festival. In August 2016, students and faculty will present "Alice and the Dream Child," a work that reimagines the tale of Alice Through the Looking Glass.

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The annual Musical Theatre Showcase provides senior musical theatre students with the opportunity to perform in New York City for prospective agents, casting directors, and managers. 

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