At Kent State University, we encourage you to discover your potential, make bold choices and recognize your ability to define success on your terms.

When you enter the Roe Green Center for the School of Theatre and Dance, you will be embraced for who you are and surrounded by a community that supports your individual potential. Dedicated to creative excellence, we will provide opportunities that will challenge you to develop your meaningful purpose.

Our comprehensive programs are rooted in a professional culture that inspires you to train for the dynamic disciplines of theatre and dance as you transform your passion into your profession. 

Mission Statement

We foster an environment where passion and opportunity meet, training students to enter the dynamic disciplines of theatre and dance.




  • #18 B.F.A. Design and Technology program for 2018-2019 according to
  • #18 B.F.A. Musical Theatre program for 2018-2019 according to


  • National Association of Schools of Dance
  • National Association of Schools of Theatre
  • University Resident Theatre Association
  • National Alliance for Musical Theatre
  • National Student Dance Association

The School of Theatre and Dance At-A-Glance