Inaugural Internal Postdoctoral Seed Program to support 14 postdoctoral research fellows

The Division of Research and Sponsored Programs would like to congratulate the recipients of the inaugural Internal Post-doctoral Seed Program.  In this initial round, 12 proposals were selected which resulted in awards for the support of 14 post-doctoral associates for one year.  In addition, each of these awards was augmented by the investigators' departments and/or colleges to provide a total of two years of post-doctoral support.  Proposals were submitted by both individual research investigators and groups of investigators.

Research From Old Dominion, Kent State and USC Scientists Provides Better Understanding of Climate Changes

A team of scientists from Old Dominion University, Kent State University and the University of Southern California has identified for the first time a clear 1,500-year cycle in the Arctic Oscillation (AO), the surface atmosphere pressure pattern in the far north that greatly influences weather in the Northern Hemisphere. Led by ODU geological oceanographer Dennis Darby, the team’s findings are featured this week on the prestigious journal Nature Geoscience’s website.

Kent State Awarded $1.25 Million to Help Build Research and Education Network in Bangladesh

Pictured: Javed Khan, professor/chair of Department of Computer Science; Ed Mahon, vice president for information services/chief information officer; Satyendra Kumar, associate vice president for research; Grant McGimpsey, vice president for research.

Advanced optical superhighway will connect Bangladesh universities with institutions around the world so scientists, scholars and students can use cutting-edge technology to compute and communicate with colleagues in any country.

An international partnership between Kent State University, the Ohio Academic Resource Network (OARnet) and Ireland’s National Research and Education Network (HEAnet) has been selected to provide advanced technical expertise in building the Bangladesh Research and Education Network (BdREN) through an international competition.

Department of Anthropology: Achievements June 2011 – April 2012

Social Science Research

Recent research activity in the social sciences conducted by Department of Anthropology faculty members between June 2011 and March 2012 includes two journal articles, two invited presentations and several special appearances.


Richard Feinberg, Professor of Anthropology   

Feinberg, Richard. (2011). In Search of Te Lapa: A Navigational Enigma in Vaeakau-Taumako, Southeastern Solomon Islands. Journal of the Polynesian Society 120(1):57-70.   

Social Sciences Research Activity

Since June 2011, faculty research activities in the social sciences have included many publications, grant awards, and invited presentations which have contributed to excellence at KSU. Recent social sciences research includes work by Amoaba Gooden, David Kaplan, Katherine Rawson, John Dunlosky, Mark Seeman, Joshua Stacher, and Tiffany Taylor.