Kent State Atmospheric Research Group Awarded $330,000 NSF Grant

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a three-year, $330,000 National Science Foundation grant to Kent State University’s Atmospheric Research Group for its project titled “Measurements of Amines during the Southern Oxidant and Aerosol Study (SOAS) Field Campaign.” The project will be led by Shanhu Lee, Ph.D., associate professor of environmental health sciences in Kent State’s College of Public Health.

Glued to Your Cell Phone? Research Suggests It May Reduce Your Physical Activity and Fitness

Today’s smartphones allow for increased opportunities for activities traditionally defined as sedentary behaviors, such as surfing the internet, emailing and playing video games. However, researchers Jacob Barkley and Andrew Lepp, faculty members in the College of Education, Health and Human Services at Kent State University, linked high cell phone use to poor fitness in college students.

Kent State Hosts Global Adolescence Research Summer School


Kent State University will host the annual 2013 European Society for Research on Adolescence (EARA)/Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) Summer School from June 16-22. The summer school brings together established researchers, who are recognized for their expertise and teaching abilities, and doctoral students from around the globe for six intensive days of research training.

Kent State Lecturer to Study U.S. Retirees in Panama with Fulbright Grant

Panama is one of the top destinations for retiring U.S. baby boomers because of its climate, accessibility, cost of living and welcoming attitude. Kent State University lecturer Craig Zamary will travel to the Central American country this July to conduct research on ways U.S. companies can tap into the resources that these retirees represent.

Spring 2013 Research Incentive Awards


Collaborative Research Incentive Awards:

  • Enhancing Social Cognition through Humanities Courses (Mark Bracher and Tammy Clewell, Department of English;  Susan Roxburgh, Department of Sociology; Elizabeth Smith-Pryor, Department of History; Deborah Barnbaum and Michael Byron, Department of Philosophy; Nancy Docherty, Department of Psychology; Françoise Massardier-Kenney, Department of Modern & Classical Language Studies)

Innovation Research Seed Awards:

Honoring Our 2013 Outstanding Research and Scholar Award Recipients

Honoring Our 2013 Outstanding Research and Scholar Award Recipients

Three Kent State University faculty members were recognized during a ceremony on March 19 as the university honored its Outstanding Research and Scholar Award recipients. The recipients of the 2013 award are Michael Loderstedt, School of Art; Katherine Rawson, Department of Psychology; and Carrie Schweitzer, Department of Geology, Kent State University at Stark.

Kent State Recognizes Outstanding Research and Scholar Award Recipients on March 19

Kent State University’s fashion school is leading the academic runway with the creation of a master of fashion degree that is the first of its kind in the nation. The university’s Board of Trustees formally approved the path-breaking graduate program today (March 13), allowing the university’s Shannon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman School of Fashion Design and Merchandising to begin enrolling students for fall semester 2013, pending approval by the Ohio Board of Regents.

Kent State Undergraduate Contributes to Particle Physics Research Effort

Urbana—In order to examine the workings of the smallest bits of matter, particle physicists smash subatomic particles together at tremendously high speeds and then analyze the resultant sprays (called jets) of even smaller particles, following them through their various decay paths. Huge quantities of data are taken from thousands upon thousands of collisions, the data are analyzed by powerful computers, and the ultimate findings contribute to our understanding of how our world and everything in it works on the most fundamental level.