The Department of Pan-African Studies at Kent State University is pleased to announce its third biennial Africa and the Global Atlantic World Conference that will take place at Kent State University, on April 8, 2016. This year’s conference is themed “Cultures, Identities, and Racial Violence in the Pan-African World” and aims to explore new ways of studying the complex experiences of Africana people worldwide.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s administration has slowly changed the way Soviet history is taught in Russia, according to Todd Nelson, Ph.D., a recent Kent State University political science doctoral graduate. 

In his recent article, published in Post-Soviet Affairs, Nelson examines how the Putin administration has emphasized Stalin's achievements, downplayed the horrors of his regime, and laid the groundwork for public support of a nationalist, authoritarian political system.

Public lecture by historian Kenneth Bindas on April 8 at Cuyahoga Valley National Park