Final Exam Schedule

The final examination period for Fall and Spring classes at Kent State Tuscarawas is Monday through Friday during the designated final exam week. 



  1. The time and date of final examinations are determined by the first class meeting of the week. (NOTE:  If a course consists of several elements – lecture, lab – the first lecture meeting is considered the first class meeting.) When in doubt, please check with your instructor. 

  2. Class starting times are listed in the link above. If a class starts at a time not listed, then the starting time on the table that immediately precedes the regularly scheduled starting time that day should be used.

  3. Examinations will be held in the room where the lecture section of the class regularly meets, unless otherwise announced.

  4. There is a possibility that a student may have a scheduled conflict, and instructors are expected to make suitable arrangements for those students.

  5. Any student who has four or more exams on one day may re-schedule one exam, with the instructor’s permission. 

  6. NO RESCHEDULING OF EXAMS WILL BE PERMITTED EXCEPT BY SPECIAL INSTRUCTOR ARRANGEMENTS WITH THE ASSISTANT DEAN.  If a change is approved, the examination will also be given at the regularly scheduled time for those students who prefer to take it then.

  7. V-Tel (if applicable): Finals will be held at their regular times during final exam week.

  8. One day a week classes: Finals scheduled at regular class times during finals week.

  9. Friday classes: Finals scheduled during the regular class meeting times on Friday.

  10. Short-Term Courses (courses that do not meet the full term): Finals scheduled during the last class meeting for the course.

If you have questions, please contact the Assistant Dean's OfficeKent State University at Tuscarawas reserves the right to make adjustments in the Final Exam Schedule.