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Frequently Asked Questions

Students interested in the Marching Golden Flashes can find more information in our FAQ brochure. 


Can I still be in the Marching Golden Flashes if I've never marched in a band before?

Absolutely! We have new members every year who have never marched. Marching fundamentals are taught during band camp and usually everyone is able to pick it up very quickly.

Can I be in the Marching Golden Flashes if I am not a music major?

Yes! As with most collegiate marching bands, non-music majors comprise the majority of our membership. In recent years our enrollment has included students from almost every degree plan and department on the KSU campus.

Is band camp required?

Yes. Only students who have successfully participated in band camp are permitted to be members of the Marching Golden Flashes.

When is band camp?

Band Camp, or Preseason Training Camp, begins approximately 10 days prior to the start of Fall classes.

How do I audition to be a member of the Marching Golden Flashes?

All information relating to auditions for Marching Golden Flashes can be found on our Auditions pages.

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Are there other rehearsals I am required to attend?

Yes. In addition to Preseason Training Camp (starts mid-August), there will be a series of summer rehearsal clinics for Drumline and Auxiliary. These dates will be posted on the Band Calendar by April 1. Members of the MGF Drumline, Colorguard, and Touch of Gold Twirlers are required to attend a sectionals each week in addition to the full band rehearsal schedule. Questions regarding scheduling should be addressed to

When do the Marching Golden Flashes rehearse?

The Marching Golden Flashes rehearse Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:20-5:15. In some cases, students with class schedule conflicts may be allowed to miss a limited amount of rehearsal time in order to attend another class. Permission for this is contingent upon several factors that are explained in the Marching Golden Flashes Handbook.

How do I enroll in Marching Golden Flashes?

Enrollment is very simple. All you have to do is add MUS 45222 to your class schedule when you register for Fall classes. One hour of course credit is awarded for participation. Course registration is required for band membership.