Touch of Gold Twirler Auditions

The Touch of Gold Twirlers is one of the nation’s elite college twirling lines and is part of the MGF visual pageantry on the field, in the stands and on stage. 

Auditions Overview

  • Auditions take place each April-May.
  • The postmark deadline is March 1 every year. 
  • Please see below for more specific audition requirements and materials. 

First Round: Video/DVD

Required Items

  • A video, DVD or YouTube video link. 
  • A complete resumé.

Video/DVD Requirements

  • There is no required routine, but each candidate should select material that they feel best represents their abilities.
  • Performance videos (i.e.: competitions, field performances with marching bands, etc.) are allowed; however, you must also include:
    1) solo footage (no team)
    2) close-up footage (not at a long-distance)
  • Material that demonstrates your proficiency in required rudiments.

Resumé Requirements

  • Complete contact information (i.e. name, address, phone number, and email).
  • Details of your twirling experience.

Mail Your Complete Video/DVD and Resumé To

Twirling Auditions c/o
Beth Graal
4470 Andette Ave NW
Massillon, OH 44647


Submit a private YouTube link To 
Beth Colosetti-Graal at


  • Selected candidates will be invited to a second "live" audition Invitations to the second audition are based on how well each candidate's video demonstrates their potential to twirl at college level in a large stadium atmosphere.
  • Live Audition information will be released at a later date due as we continue to monitor the evolving Covid-19 situation. 

Live Audition Requirements:

Candidates will receive detailed information regarding their live audition upon selection, but will execute three rounds of material in front of a panel of judges that include:

  • Required rudiments used in the KSUMGF pregame/halftime
  • An individual 2-3 minute routine (with music of your choice)
  • An impromptu routine that varies from year to year.

The second round will be held inside of the Field House on artificial turf. Areas that are considered in judging include:

  • ​Showmanship
  • Speed
  • Difficulty
  • Poise/balance
  • Musical interpretation
  • Variety and
  • "Presentation" - that is, will the work "show" in a large football stadium?

Twirlers who have previously twirled for the KSUMGF are required to re-audition each year. There is no set number of twirlers and each candidate has equal opportunity for selection. 

Feature Twirler Candidates

A Feature Twirler candidate must score significantly higher than all other candidates in all three rounds in addition to executing rudiments in their own Rudiment round.