Explore the history of the Kent State Marching Golden Flashes starting in 1919, when the band was established.


KSU Marching Band established by Music Department director, Ms. Ann Maud Shamel.


First KSU football team to play with equipment. The "field band" played in the stands at one football game.


Marching Band re-organized by Ms. Shamel with the help of music students.


Roy D. Metcalf took over directing the Marching Band. Herbert Kelly was the first drum major. Band has less than 20 members.


Marching Band was issued new uniforms consisting of white pants, a cape and caps.


The Marching Band was an all-men's band due to a lack of "proper uniforms for women."


The Twin Bands were introduced at Kent State University. An all-women's band performed separately and in conjunction with an all-men's band. Both groups were under the direction of Roy D. Metcalf.


Roy D. Metcalf died on July 4, 1957. Edward L. Masters came to KSU from Kansas to serve as the Marching Band director. Twin bands were disbanded, marching band performs its first 15-minute half-time show, the number of majorettes was reduced and more emphasis was placed on rehearsing music.


New "unisex" band uniforms were debuted. Marching Band recorded "Kent's Golden Year" album to celebrate the 50th anniversary of KSU.


The KSU Alumni Band was formed.


Marching Band produced another album for the band program.


University President Golding cuts the Marching Band.


John Boyd, Director of Bands, served as the Marching Band director. Thanks to fundraising and petitioning by the KSU students and alumni, the Marching Band was put back on the field. New uniforms were purchased and scholarships were issued to some band members


After several changes in directors, Mr. Michael Lee comes to Kent State to serve as the first director of Athletic Bands. Drum and bugle corps style of marching is introduced to KSU.


Due to several budget cuts within the School of Music, the band does not take the field. "Sitting band" plays at all home games.


The KSU Marching Band takes the field in new uniforms


Dr. Thomas Connors comes to KSU to serve as the director of Athletic Bands. The band takes on a new identity as the Kent State University Marching Golden Flashes.


Marching Band crest created by Dr. Connors and students. Scholarships are also issued to all members.


The MGF celebrates its 80th anniversary with the largest band in KSU history.


Mr. Eric Aho joins the staff as the new director of Athletic Bands.


KSU Marching Golden Flashes debut new uniforms representing the history of the band while looking forward to a bright future.


Mr. Scott Curfman accepts the position of director of Athletic Bands. The Band expands on the corps style of marching to include some high-energy drill maneuvers and music.


Mr. Frank Cosenza is appointed to the position of interim director of Athletic Bands.  The Marching Golden Flashes attend the 2012 MAC Championship Game.


The Marching Golden Flashes attend the 2013 GoDaddy.com Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. Dr. John Franklin is appointed as director of athletic bands. Dr. Jesse Leyva is appointed as director of bands. Flasher Brass expands to include piccolos, flutes, clarinets and an electric bass.


The Marching Golden Flashes unveil a new look and image with the first new uniforms in 14 years.


Dr. Kate Ferguson appointed as interim director of athletic bands. Dr. Wendy Matthews appointed interim director of bands. Marching Golden Flashes attend the 2019 Tropical Smoothie Cafe Frisco Bowl in Frisco, Texas. 


Dr. Darin Olson appointed as director of athletic bands. Dr. Wendy Matthews appointed as director of bands. The Marching Golden Flash Award, a university initiative providing all members of the marching band with a scholarship, is launched. 


The Marching Golden Flashes attend the 2021 MAC Championship Game. The Marching Golden Flashes attend the 2021 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl in Boise, Idaho. 


Dr. Benjamin Lorenzo appointed as director of bands. Marching band enrollment exceeds 210 members.