KSUMGF Touch of Gold Live Audition Elements


  • Membership on the twirling team
  • Possible Feature Twirler (additional requirements)
  • Possible selection of alternates
  • Twirling Team Captain (with possible Co-Captain), depending on the numbers.

Audition Overview

  • Screening: Submit a DVD/Video for adjudication. It must post-marked by March 1
  • Live Audition: Email invitation will be sent out to those selected as finalists. 
    • Finalists must submit their registration by the deadline specified in their email.
    • Finalists must attend the live audition round to be considered. 
  • Membership: If selected, you must register to be a member of the Marching Golden Flashes.

Live Audition Requirements and Procedures  

There will be 3 rounds at the live audition. ALL candidates will perform:

  1. Twenty-three (23) twirler rudiments with correct technique and execution.
  2. A 2-3 minute original routine choreographed to music utilizing any twirling apparatus except fire batons.
  3. An impromptu routine to a musical selection that will be unveiled at auditions.


Candidates should know and be proficient in the performance of the following rudiments that are scored on the basis of correct technique, execution, and correct completion of each rudiment.  These rudiments are used in our Pregame/Halftime performances, thus I need to be assured that the candidates are skilled in the various moves.

  • 4 spin catch right hand
  • 3 spin catch left hand
  • 3 spin catch backhand
  • Vertical finger twirls- twirl through 2 fingers, grasp in ring and pinkie finger, then go back through the same 2 fingers in a figure 8 motion in your right hand
  • Horizontal finger twirls- same as vertical fingers only in an up and down motion in the RH
  • Horizontal 2 spin catch right hand- begin with a left hand “corkscrew” motion for the release
  • 2 right-hand fishtails with a single turn/carry on the wrist then 2 fishtails again w/out touching the baton
  • Continuous elbow rolls- must complete 4 elbows catching left-hand blind facing the back
  • Reverse fishtails- complete 3 consecutive reverse fishtails in your right hand
  • High toss regular/forward illusion- thumb toss the baton and do an illusion to the right on the right leg
  • High toss knee up/reverse illusion- thumb toss the baton, bring RIGHT foot up in parallel passé w/arms in an “L”, then step across with right foot to the left side in an illusion
  • High toss 1-spin outside/reverse illusion- thumb toss the baton, complete a 1 spin to the left, step across with the right foot to the left side into the illusion
  • High toss cartwheel OR walkover coming towards the judge……catching the baton up tall
  • Left or Right leg split- no hands and be able to hold that split for 5 seconds
  • High toss layback catch right hand- facing the left side, execute a thumb toss, complete the layback touching hands behind head, catch in a standing position up tall
  • Grande Jete- execute a “step-ball-change” or chasse prior to leaping on the Left OR Right leg
  • Horizontal outside/reverse illusion- release baton horizontally, step across with right foot to left side into the illusion
  • High toss/low 1-spin- release w/a thumb toss, either pass the 2nd baton or execute a reverse toss into the 1 –spin, then catch each baton
  • Opposite releases- flash Left the Right hand, release L baton low….then R baton high, catch the 1st baton in your RH, flip R to L blind, then catch 2nd baton in your RH
  • 16 counts of 3-baton pendulums/tic-tocks finishing with a thumb toss, 2 spin, catch in RH
  • 1 complete box of 3-baton vertical thumb tosses beginning with the first toss in front continuing to the R with a toss on each side, finishing with the 5th toss in front.
  • 1 complete box of 3 baton horizontal tosses beginning with the 1st toss in front, continuing to the L with a toss on each side, finishing with the 5th toss in front
  • 3 baton stacks- You may release ALL 3 from your RH with thumb tosses or you can release one of the three as a reverse toss from the LH
  • BONUS- Double reverse/outside illusion. High thumb toss release into the R foot stepping across and executing a double illusion on that R leg. Catch RH up on toes.

You will be given 5 chances to catch and complete each rudiment correctly 3 times. You will receive a maximum of 10 points for each rudiment successfully executed that you complete on the FIRST 3 attempts. You will receive a maximum of 5 points for completing 3 out of the 5 attempts. You will receive 0 points for anything less than the required 3 completions of each rudiment. The maximum score for this round is 230 points with an additional possible 10 bonus points added to your FINAL score.


Each candidate will perform an original routine that is NOT longer than 3 minutes or shorter than 2 minutes. Your routine may include any elements you wish; i.e. 1, 2, 3, or more batons, novelties such as knives, ribbons, flag batons, hoop batons, or props that can be easily manipulated. National Baton Twirling Association score sheets will be used to evaluate this portion of the auditions. The NBTA solo score sheet will be used for the 1-baton portion with the NBTA Show Routine score sheet being used for the novelty portion, including musical interpretation and floor coverage. Candidates can earn a total of 200 points per judge for this round.

You MUST bring a CD with your music selection labeled along with your name and track number (if needed). We also have the capability to play a cassette tape if necessary; however, NO other form of musical capabilities will be permitted as you will be unable to hear your selection from a phone, IPad, etc. in the fieldhouse.


Each candidate will have approximately 15 minutes to learn, partially learn and then create, or create an original routine to be performed in front of the judging panel. The judges will be looking for knowledge, content, smoothness, style, and showmanship during this round. The maximum score for this round is 50 points/per judge.


What to wear:
You need to wear a white top suitable for twirling with appropriately colored undergarments (sports bra, bra, etc.), black shorts or black Capri pants that are dance attire fashion, flesh colored tights, and twirling or jazz shoes.  Hair needs to be secured tightly out of your face preferably in a bun.  We hold our auditions in the Field House which has rough artificial turf therefore jazz shoes can get damaged if tricks aren’t done correctly.  Tights keep you from getting carpet burns and help you look your best in shorts or Capri pants.

Selection process:
Scores will be totaled and ranked in order from highest to lowest.  The number of candidates selected will be determined where the first big break in scoring occurs.  There is NO set number of twirlers from year to year.  We are looking for the best and closest in ability to continue with our high standard of twirling talent we have been fortunate to have over the past years.  You will be judged, graded, and selected solely on your ability, skill, poise, and personality.

Mandatory equipment for KSU Twirlers:
    (3) 28” or 29” ABC or Sharp batons with the REGULAR 7/16” shaft
    Dance Now Tan jazz boots
    Tan Cougar/Instep twirling shoes
    (2 pr.) Capezio #1815 Light Suntan (LSN) Tights OR
    (2 pr.) Capezio #1816 Light Suntan (LSN) Transition tights

**Beth can purchase the above-mentioned items at or near cost, if needed.**

***You will also need to purchase a warm-up, earrings, and duffel bag that will be lettered.***

Rookie members will need to send a $100 money order along with their signed Acceptance Contract to me so that I can order the warm-ups, earrings, and duffel bags.

Feature Twirler
Additional Rudiments and Requirements

Candidates auditioning for this position may be placed on the twirling team should they not be chosen as a Feature Twirler.

Audition Procedure:  

  1. All candidates must perform and successfully complete the Twirler Rudiments.
  2. All candidates will perform the 2-3 minute original routine to music and must score substantially higher than the candidates choosing to only audition for the “Touch of Gold” twirling team.
  3. All candidates will complete the impromptu routine round.
  4. All candidates will perform and successfully complete every Feature Twirler rudiment.

These ALL must be successfully and correctly 3 out of 5 attempts to be considered for the position of Feature Twirler.  Scoring is the same as the scoring for the Twirler Rudiment round.

  • 5 spin
  • 5 spin catch on back
  • 4 spin catch blind
  • Horizontal 4 spin
  • One spin-Double outside/reverse illusion
  • Double right/regular illusion
  • 10 continuous elbows
  • 10 continuous front neck rolls OR 10 continuous back neck rolls
  • High toss double walkover
  • Fishtails w/double turn and ½ into reverse fishtails
  • Any high toss leap combination of your choice
  • A 4-baton combination that is a true 4 baton combination prior to the reception of the 1st baton

Questions or need more info?

Beth Colosetti Graal
bands@kent.edu or bcolose1@kent.edu