Academic Program Review

Academic Program Review Goals, Purpose and Benefits

Kent State University engages in ongoing Academic Program Review (APR) to facilitate an academic unit’s continuous improvement, ensure academic quality and to inform the unit’s strategic planning process to reflect relevant trends and institutional priorities. Systematic reviews also serve to satisfy expectations from external entities such as the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) and Kent State’s institutional accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The overall result of APR supports quality education for all students.

Academic program reviews require significant input and teamwork from all involved, from faculty, staff and administrators to student and alumni participants. However, when properly carried out, program reviews benefit students, the academic units and university as a whole by providing:  

  • Opportunity for self-assessment: Each unit takes the time to step back from everyday challenges to holistically examine their program(s) and systematically evaluate current strengths/challenges priorities and progress since the previous review.
  • Vehicle to inform university-wide and unit strategic planning: Recommendations derived from academic program reviews are addressed in action plans, which can then be integrated into strategic plans and resource requests for the academic unit.
  • Communication: APRs encourage increased communication within the unit, between chairs/directors and college deans, and with the Provost’s office.
  • External perspectives and visibility: Faculty from distinguished programs at other institutions review the unit and provide feedback, which can facilitate collaborative relationships with those institutions as well as increase awareness about what the unit is doing well.


 For additional questions concerning academic program reviews please send them to AAL Program Review