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Higher Learning Commission Accreditation and Accountability Committee (HLCAAC)

In Fall 2016, the Systems Portfolio Committee was renamed the Higher Learning Commission Accreditation and Accountability Committee (HLCAAC), in order to reflect Kent State's transition to the Open Pathway of accreditation. This committee continues to address quality improvement and regional accreditation.

Committee Members 2018/2019

Representative Name Unit Represented
  Susan Perry (Chair)   Accreditation, Assessment and Learning  
  Kelvin Berry   Government and Community Relations
  Gina Campana   Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  Cesquinn Curtis   Student Affairs
  Nichole Decaprio   General Counsel
  David Garcia   Enrollment Management
  Paul Gaston   Emeritus Trustee Professor - Honorary Member
  Geraldine Hayes-Nelson    Human Resources
  Elizabeth Henry   University Communications and Marketing
  Michael Kavulic   Research and Sponsored Programs
  Marcia Kibler   Accreditation, Assessment and Learning
  Jennifer McDonough   Academic Operations and Administration
  Joe Richardson   Human Resources
  Valerie Samuel   Institutional Research
  Hollie Simpson   Accreditation, Assessment and Learning
  Therese Tillett   Graduate Studies/Curriculum Services
  Sarah Wu   Accreditation, Assessment and Learning
  Carla Wyckoff   Finance and Administration


See below for historical information regarding the Systems Portfolio:

Every four years, each institution enrolled in the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) undergoes a Systems Appraisal to review compliance with standards of accreditation. The Systems Appraisal is an opportunity to get expert, objective, and third party feedback from the university's regional accreditor (the Higher Learning Commission) on the university’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. Throughout the fifteen years that Kent State was enrolled in AQIP (2000 - 2015), three cycles of the Systems Appraisal process occurred. Kent State University’s first Systems Appraisal took place during the 2005 academic year. Documents pertaining to the 2009 and 2013 Systems Appraisal processes are below.  Additional details regarding this process may be found here.

            AQIP Systems Portfolio - Fall 2013

            Systems Appraisal Feedback Report - 2014

            AQIP Systems Portfolio - Fall 2009

           Systems Appraisal Feedback Report - 2010