AFOQT / TBAS Testing

Det 630 offers the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) and the Test of Basic Aviation Skills (TBAS) to current and potential officer candidates.

AFOQT Test Dates


The AFOQT is the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, which is a standardized aptitude test (similar to the SAT and ACT) used to select applicants for officer commissions programs or specific training programs. The AFOQT is mandatory for any cadet wishing to commission in the Air Force and should be completed by Dec. 31 of their sophomore year. The test takes five hours to complete. Each session begins at a designated time by the administering Cadre at the Detachment in The Michael Schwartz Center (800 East Summit Street, Kent, OH 44242).

Please select the above AFOQT RSVP link for posted testing dates.

NOTE: Due to Covid-19 please arrive 15 minutes prior to designated testing time. This time is to allow for Covid-19 safety procedures and social distancing requirements.  



TBAS Test Dates

NOTE:  NO TESTING SIGN UPS AVAILABLE TILL 4 JANUARY 2021. Due to Covid-19 TBAS appointment times must be discussed with a Cadre member prior to signing up. Please call (330) 672-2182 or (330) 672-8217 to book your time, then fill out the TBAS RSVP link below. 


The TBAS is offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a start time between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Due to AFROTC class schedules, we cannot offer TBAS on Fridays. Cadre are willing to work with candidates if there is a scheduling conflict.

Testing takes place at the detachment (Michael Schwartz Center/ Kent State University) and takes 1.5 hours to complete. 

800 E. Summit Street, Ste 198 / Kent OH, 44240

Required items for those testing include:

1) Photo ID

2) TBAS candidate worksheet (also found on the PCSM website)

3) Transcripts (can be unofficial)

4) Pilot log book (if applicable)

5) Having taken the AFOQT  (you cannot get your PCSM score without an AFOQT score)

6) Social Security Number Card (optional)

You will be turned away from testing if you do not show up with everything required and already filled out.

Also, please do not show up to test until you receive a verification from one of our Cadre members.

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