AFROTC Detachment 630 Kent State University "Information Night":

Why: Learn about leadership and Air Force Career Opportunities in the AFROTC program. Scholarships!

Who: High School Seniors and College Freshmen/Sophomores

Where: Zoom (Link will be sent to the email that was included in the RSVP)

When:  TBD August  2020 will be the next Information Night via Zoom.

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

If additional "Information Nights" are added, they will be updated here. 

Please let us know if you are interested in attending by clicking by completing our form:  Info Night RSVP 

AFROTC New Cadet Orientation Program (NCOP)


NCOP Handbook 2019

Why: Learn about cadet life and program expectations

Who: New Freshmen and Sophomores attending KSU, UA, YSU, CSU, BW, CWRU, Hiram, Mount Union, Ursuline College, Walsh University 

Where: 800 E. Summit Street, Room 177, Kent State University, Kent, OH 44240


  • Day One / Tuesday, 20 Aug 19 / 0830 (8:30 a.m.) arrival / 0900 (9:00 a.m.) - 1630 (4:30 p.m.) / Michael Schwartz Center, Room 177 (Auditorium)
    • Attendees: New cadets and family members (Family members' information session will end approximately 1300)
    • Dress: Business Casual for cadets
    • Current cadets will depart the auditorium with new cadets at a prearranged time (approximately 1140), giving family members time to ask questions or discuss concerns with cadre members.  
    • Our current cadets and staff will provide an overview of the AFROTC program, a briefing on scholarship opportunities, a discussion of what life is like in the Air Force and a question and answer session.
  • Day Two* / Wednesday, 21 Aug 19 / 0900 (9:00 a.m.) / Terrace Hall, Michael Schwartz Center, Room 177 (Auditorium)
    • Attendees: Cadets only
    • Dress: Physical Fitness Gear (PTGs), if issued; Physical Fitness clothing (conservative / professional in appearance)
      • New Air Force ROTC students will report to DET 630 to complete the in-process session that includes building cadet records, military training and physical activity.  Come showered, clean-shaven, well-rested and ready to begin your journey as a cadet in Air Force ROTC.
*Meet As Needed 
Note: We reserve the right to change the schedule at any time, so please check the website regularly as we get closer to the event.
Required Documents:

NOTE: We do not have access to your transcripts or scholarship information.  You need to bring the items below even if you previously provided to the university.

  1. Print a copy of the AFROTC Form 28, Air Force Pre-Participatory Sports Physical, and schedule an appointment with your physician or the university Student Health Center.  Bring the Form 28 with you to your appointment and have the physician complete it.  We will not accept a physician’s version of a sports physical.  This form certifies that you are physically capable of safely participating in physical training.

  2. Print a copy of the Air Force Fitness Screening Questionnaire (FSQ).

  3. Print copies of all college level transcripts (official or unofficial).  This includes high school dual enrollments, community college coursework, or any other college/university level coursework that you have received a grade for.

  4. Bring:

    1. State certified birth certificate with raised seal or proof of US citizenship if born abroad (certified English translation) (ORIGINAL)

    2. Social Security Card (ORIGINAL)

    3. Bank account and routing numbers (a voided check or direct deposit form from the bank will work).  We need this information to begin your monthly stipend. (AF Scholarship Cadets ONLY)

    4. Selective Service Card (males only) (

    5. ACT / SAT Scores (can be unofficial, but name must be visible on form)

    6. AP transcipt (official or unofficial)

    7. Transcripts from any post high school technical or colleges attended

    8. Certificate(s) of participation or completion (if applicable)

      1. JROTC

      2. Civil Air Patrol (CAP)

      3. Eagle Scout

    9. (Reservists/Guardsmen) Air Force Guard/Reserves Documentation

    10. (Prior Active Duty Service Members) DD-214 (Copy 4-Member’s Copy)

    11. Civil Involvement information

      1. Type of civil involvement

      2. Date of incident

      3. Name and address of law enforcement office

      4. Disposition/finding/sentence

      5. Driving record (for documentation purposes)

    12. Other (i.e. Private Pilots License)



All KSU Cadets will move in on Sunday, 18 August 2019.  This opportunity will allow students to be settled in dorms prior to the official start of KSU's Kickoff on Monday and NCOP on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Students must complete the appropriate resident paperwork and have a housing assignment in addition to signing up and reserving a spot with AFROTC.  

If you have any questions please call the Detachment at 330-672-2182.

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