Cadre | Air Force ROTC Detachment 630 | Kent State University

Lt Col Erik Fredmonsky

AFSC: 12S3X Combat Systems Officer

Last base/Assignment: Hurlburt Field, Florida

Current Position: Commander/Professor of Aerospace Studies (PAS)

Major Robert Lytle

AFSC: 21R3 Logistics Readiness Officer

Last base/Assignment: 911th Airlift Wing, Pittsburgh Air Reserve Station, Pennsylvania

Current Position: Director of Operations/Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies (APAS)

Capt Michael Ziemba

AFSC: 14N3 Intelligence Officer

Last base/Assignment: Moody AFB, Georgia

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies (APAS)

Capt Julianne KassNer

AFSC: 14N3 Intelligence Officer

Last base/Assignment: Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma

Current Position: Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies (APAS)

MASTER Sergeant Nelson

AFSC: 3S071: Personnel Craftsman

Last base/Assignment: McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey

Current Position: NCOIC Personnel

TECHNICAL Sergeant Sotomayor

AFSC: 3A151: Administration

Last Base/Assignment: Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina

Current Position: NCOIC Administration Management


University Staff Administrator






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