The cadre of Kent State's proud Air Force Reserve Officer Training Command Detachment 630 have over 100 years of Air Force experience.

Detachment 630's cadre have expertise leading airmen in all corners of the world. They excelled in command and leadership positions while executing duties as Airfield Operations Officers, Finance Officers, Foreign Area Officers, Human Resources Managers, Instructor Pilots, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Officers, Maintenance Officers, and Personnel Specialists.

In addition, Det 630's cadre received recognition of their exemplary performance serving in support of operations to defend freedom in the Middle East, Southwest Asia, South America and the Indo-Pacific region.

Det 630's cadre are dedicated, proven professionals who are motivated to help you become officers in the world's greatest Air Force and Space Force -- come serve with us!

Official Photo of Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Crosman

Lt Col Matthew Crosman

Professor of Aerospace Studies

Detachment Commander



Official Photo of Captain Jacob McLallen

Maj Jacob McLallen

Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies

Assisting Instructor / Operations



Official Photo of Captain Andin Fisher

Maj Andin Fisher

Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies

Operations Flight Commander

Recruiting Flight Commander



Maj Jared Moon

Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies

Education Flight Commander


Maj Jason Dorn







Maj Jason Dorn

Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies

Assisting Instructor / Operations


TSgt Jeffrey Schindler

Detachment Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge



TSgt Christopher Earls

Administration Management



SSgt Monica Rickey

Administration Management

Recruiting Services


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Last Updated: 08 November 2023

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