Community and Arts

The Department of Africana Studies has many activities involving the arts and surrounding community.

For more information, see a faculty representative or one of the following pages:

  • African Community Theatre

    African Community Theatre

    The African Community Theatre is an academic unit and a premier theatre facility, created to raise awareness about theatres and performances by African and African Diasporic peoples.

  • Center of Pan-African Culture

    Center of Pan-African Culture

    The Center not only offers academic enrichment, but social and cultural enrichment through its promotion of local, regional, and international talent programs, international exchanges, and invitations to scholars and artists from the world over to share their ideas and experiences.

  • Uumbaji Art Gallery

    Uumbaji Art Gallery

    The Uumbaji Art Gallery is a space dedicated to examining themes about global Africa and its diasporas, social justice and other issues facing Peoples of Color.

  • Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Connects Alumni, current students, former students and the community by holding social networking events, sporting event watch parties, professional development workshops and volunteer service days.