Study Away

Students regardless of major may participate in study away opportunities offered through enrollment in DAFS courses.

Cultural immersion experiences are created through trips organized by faculty to Detroit, Michigan and Washington D. C. respectively.

Compared to the study abroad opportunities they are shorter in length and are offered frequently. In many cases, through the narrative process used by faculty to document the learning outcomes of the course, it is an experience that changes the way that one views their communities and enhanced cultural awareness.  

AFS 20300 | Black Images | 3 Credit hours - Detroit, MI 

Examines the historical origins and representations of racial images and anti-black perceptions through newspapers, magazines, songs, plays, literature, textbooks, radio, television, films, comic books, etc. and the role of these images in American culture past and present.

AFS 37020 | The Model African Union | 3 credit hours - Washington, D.C.

Students examine role, structure and performance of the African Union in the search for solutions to key economic, social and political-security issues facing Africa. Students attend the annual meeting of the Model African Union Conference in Washington D.C., which is a simulation of proceedings of the African Union, augmented by briefings at African Embassies.

Participants gain an understanding of the various determinants, capabilities and constraints shaping the domestic and foreign policies of African countries.