The Uumbaji Art Gallery in the Department of Africana Studies at Kent State University is pleased to invite applications from individuals or organizations.

The Uumbaji Art Gallery is a space dedicated to examining themes about global Africa and its diasporas, social justice and other issues facing Peoples of Color. However, it is also a space that embraces themes not directly related to Africa and its diasporas. We select proposals based on the quality of the artwork, how it fits in with our theme, as well as the interest your proposed show may have for the entire university and surrounding community. We encourage applications that reflect a variety of media, styles and viewpoints.

The Uumbaji Gallery is located in room 134 Oscar Ritchie Hall, 225 Terrace Drive, Kent, OH 44242

Want to exhibit at the Uumbaji Gallery?

The Uumbaji Art Gallery is currently accepting applications for the 2020-21 year.  Individuals and organizations who wish to utilize the Uumbaji gallery are asked to submit the following documents:

Questions & Media Contacts:

email: dpasuumbaji@kent.edu

phone: (330)672-2300

Uumbaji Gallery

Current & Upcoming Exhibits

The Uumbaji Gallery features a wide variety of work that represents the African Diaspora.

Current Exhibit 

God is Anti-racist (GiA-r), composition no.1 by Amanda D. King

Exhibit Dates: March 3 - May 12, 2022


Silas Felix-Uumbaji Spring 2018

Past Exhibits

Artists that have exhibited in the Uumbaji Art Gallery have displayed fashion, themes related to Black Hair, photojournalism, dolls, and, ceramics just to name a few.  Read below for more information about exhibitions that have previously shown in the gallery.