Past Exhibits

Artists that have exhibited in the Uumbaji Art Gallery have displayed fashion, themes related to Black Hair, photojournalism, dolls, and, ceramics just to name a few.  Read below for more information about exhibitions that have previously shown in the gallery.

Black Student Movements: Orangeburg, Kent and Jackson State 1968-1970 Spring & Summer 2020

This exhibit seeks to highlight the civil rights struggles and anti-war protests which students engaged in at Orangeburg, Kent State University and Jackson State University as well as presenting images from the shootings which occur at each of the three Universities between the years 1968-1970.  Curated by Idris Kabir Syed.

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(Dis)Mantle, an exhibition of works by Cleveland-based artist Amber N. Ford Fall 2019

Curated by Dr. Joseph Underwood with assistance from curatorial assistant Jonathan Gonzalez

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spirit of the Masquerade: Masks of Western Africa by Orisanmi Kehinde Odesanya (Joyce Morrow) Fall 2018

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Spirit of the Masquerade











Retold African Culture and Fables Reinterpreted into Fashion by Tamika Ellington, Ph.D. Fall 2016

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The Real African: Images from Ghana a photography exhibit by Vince Robinson Spring 2017 & 2018

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Photo courtesy of Vince Robinson








DANCING A LIFE: The Journey of an Afro-Caribbean Woman a photography exhibit by Joann Kilgour Dowdy Fall 2014
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