Enrolling in ROTC Classes

ROTC cadets

How to Join the ROTC

Freshmen in College

All you have to do is sign up for MSCI INTRO TO LEADERSHIP I (Fall Semester) or MSCI INTRO TO LEADERSHIP II (Spring Semester).  Additionally you will sign up for the MSCI LEADERSHIP SEMINAR (lab).  If you enroll in these classes and you decided you like ROTC, you may be eligible to compete for a 2- or 3-year scholarship.

Sophomore in College

If you have six semesters left in college, you would sign up for MSCI LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT I (Fall semester) or MSCI LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT II (Spring Semester). Additionally you will sign up for the MSCI LEADERSHIP SEMINAR (lab).  If you only have 4 or 5 semesters, we would need to send you to a 4-week summer training camp that "counts" as ROTC credit. After this, you would return to campus and enroll as a junior in ROTC and complete the remaining 4 semesters of ROTC. During this course, you will also compete for a 2-year scholarship. These camp spots are incredibly competitive and those chosen will be exceeding program expectations and identified as a leader within the ROTC.

Green to Gold

There are many opportunities for enlisted Army Soldiers to participate in the Green to Gold program. This programs allows current Soldiers to leave their units, return to college, and enroll in ROTC to become an officer. You can learn more about the process at the Army ROTC website.

Classes and Curriculum
  • All required textbooks and supplies are issued from the ROTC department, there are no additional fees to participated in the program.
  • MSCI classes are taught for each grade level. There is a classroom course and also a Leadership Lab on Wednesdays.
  • Each semester, there is a weekend field training exercise (FTX) as well. The Fall FTX runs from Friday afternoon through Sunday early afternoon. The Spring FTX runs from Friday through Sunday afternoon. Both FTXs occur at Ravenna Arsenal, and provide the student with a weekend of excellent Army tactical and field training.
  • Every Army ROTC Cadet who enters into the Advanced Course attends the Army ROTC Advanced Camp. It's a four-week summer course to evaluate and train all Army ROTC Cadets. This course normally takes place between your junior and senior years of college, and is conducted at Fort Knox, Kentucky.