High School Students

Army ROTC is a program of leadership and military skills training.  It prepares Kent State students for officer responsibilities in the Active Army, Army Reserves, and Army National Guard following graduation.

Am I joining the military if I sign up for the freshmen or sophomore classes?

No.  There is no military commitment for freshmen or sophomore students.  You can enroll in the classes as an elective.  There is a military commitment only if you decide to continue with the Army ROTC program at Kent State University after your sophomore year or if you decide to accept a scholarship with a military service obligation.  This commitment is frequently refer to this commitment as "contracting".

Do I have to go to boot camp to participate in Army ROTC at Kent State University?

No.  You are not obligated to attend boot camp if you sign up for an ROTC class.  You can go to boot camp if you enlist in the Army Reserves or Army National Guard, but you are not required to do so.

Can Army ROTC at Kent State University  help me pay for college?

Yes!  There are several scholarships and financial aid opportunities available.  Visit the scholarship page for more information.  You can also contact Mr. Bill Terry, Enrollment and Scholarship Officer.  His office is located in Terrace Hall on the Kent State University main campus.  He can be reached at 330-672-8209 or bterry@kent.edu.

What happens if there is a war while I am a college student enrolled in Army ROTC, will I go?

No. You do not have the necessary training and experience as a cadet to go to war.  Newly commissioned officers from the Army ROTC program still do not have the training and experience even after completing the program.  There is additional training to complete following graduation and commissioning.

What is the training like?

Army ROTC cadets at Kent State University receive a variety of classroom and laboratory  instruction.  Cadets participate in physical training, combat water survival training, basic rifle marksmanship, map reading, land navigation, and many other training events.

What kind of activities can I participate in as a cadet at Kent State University?

Army ROTC cadets at Kent State University involve themselves in the Ranger Challenge team, color guard, and formal events such as Dining-In and the Military Ball.  The Ranger Challenge team is the varsity sport of Army ROTC.  Ranger Challenge cadets receive additional training in military tactics, marksmanship, map reading, land navigation, orienteering, weapons assembly and disassembly, the proper usage of hand grenades, and physical training.  The color guard is a well trained and skilled group who are used to carry the flag or colors during athletic games or events. The Dining-In allows the cadets and cadre to strengthen the battalion's unity and unwind.  The Military Ball is a more formal event and includes dinner, dancing, and a guest speaker.  Additional activities are held throughout the year.

What material is covered in the Army ROTC program?

The basic course emphasized subjects of value to students regardless of their career aspirations.  These courses are offered to all undergraduates and the credits count towards your degree as electives. Students enrolled in these lower-division courses are introduced to the military in our society, the fundamentals and dynamics of leadership and management, and the practical application of these fundamentals..  There is no military obligation for attending the basic courses.

If I am interested in enrolling, or have additional questions, who can I contact?

Contact Mr. Bill Terry, Enrollment and Scholarship Officer.  His office is located in The Michael Schwartz Center on the main campus.  You can also call him at 330-672-8209 or email him at bterry@kent.edu.