What can Army ROTC do for me even if I only want to enroll for a year or two?

If you enroll in Army ROTC, we will help you become a better person in manifold ways - no doubt about that. ROTC will: Give you better leadership and managerial skills applicable to any field. Provide you a lot of personal attention, encouraging you to get good grades and further mature. Class sizes are small and everyone is given personal counseling. We compel you to stay in shape and improve your physical fitness. We give you the opportunity to learn what the military is all about  - the role of the Army and its soldiers, (strategy, politics, technology, standards, career fields, etc).  We provide additional fun and learning activities, and opportunities for you to make more friends than virtually any other organization on campus. Cadets consistently relate that one of the best aspects of the ROTC program is the camaraderie students find among each other - that is what Esprit de Corps or belonging is all about.