Won't ROTC interfere with my academic or athletic pursuits?

No. Our current Cadets have an average cumulative GPA above the general University average. Yes, there are some time demands and some voluntary extracurricular activities in ROTC,but, simply put, ROTC Cadets are more mature and better time managers than many students. Your academic and athletic success is the highest priority. You must do well academically and athletically to succeed in ROTC. Army ROTC provides the best leader development program in the world. No corporation or leadership institute can provide the combined classroom and hands-on leadership training, education and practice as Army ROTC. During the academic year, your focus is on academics (getting your degree) with ROTC classroom instruction and labs complimenting that education. What's best about Army ROTC is that while learning to become an Army officer, you are interacting, socializing and learning with students with diverse backgrounds, experiences, political ideologies and goals.