Advising FAQ

Advising Solutions

Graduate Students: Contact Jillian Sokso at

What is the nature of your advising question/problem?

I need a permit to enroll in a class

  • A permit is required if you do not meet the pre-requisites outlined in the course catalog or if the class is at maximum capacity.
  • Email Maria Robertson, Academic Advisor at to request a permit.
  • Once the School has issued a permit, you are responsible for enrolling in the course via Flashline.

I need to change or add a major, a minor, or a concentration

  • You can change your major, minor and/or concentration through Flashline.  Select Student/Resources/Advising and GPS. Select Student / Resources / Advising and GPS from the main menu. Then choose the "Change My Major" link.  Once the change has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation. If you have questions, please email your advisor to review the procedure.

Information on scholarships, Financial Aid, Billing and Payments

I need to make small adjustments to an existing schedule

  • Consult with your advisor to understand implications of any changes (time to graduation, delay of completing prerequisites for future courses, etc.). You can then make minor schedule changes via FlashLine.

I need to make significant changes to my schedule

  • Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.

I need to build a semester's schedule (failed to register or registration cancelled)

  • Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.

I need to develop a long-range academic plan

  • Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.

I need to re-enroll at KSU or return after more than 1 year of stopping out OR for a second undergraduate degree

I need an evaluation of transfer work

  • Be sure that the Admissions office has an official copy of your transcript from other institution(s). 
  • Students will receive an email from the Credit Transfer department once their transcript is evaluated.
  • Once you receive an email, make an appointment with your academic advisor.

I need to petition for a course exception or other consideration for specific courses

  • Consult with your faculty advisor first for details on substitutions and an acceptable rationale.
  • Then bring the completed substitution form to the School of Art office for a signature (drop off).
  • If this is a complicated petition (particularly involving Kent Core and/or courses outside the School), you may need to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor.
    Download the Exception Form (PDF)

I need an evaluation of my portfolio (coursework to be credited in either studio division or advanced placement)

  • Schedule appointment for a portfolio review with the School of Art (330-672-2192).
  • Follow up with your academic advisor as needed.

I need to know how soon I can graduate

  • Schedule an appointment with your Academic advisor.