Ceramics | Kent State University


The ceramics program offers students the opportunity to hone their command of ceramic material to create both artistic and functional forms.

Humans have been firing clay to create ceramic vessels and sculptures for tens of thousands of years. Students who major in Ceramics at the School of Art find new ways of practicing an ancient craft, drawing on both traditional and contemporary thought and practice. Additionally, the coursework for the Ceramics degrees investigates practices from around the world, providing students with a global context for understanding the medium.

Development of the artist's individual vision is one of the program's highest priorities. The ceramics lab provides a space for creation, experimentation and dialogue in the continuing evolution of the medium.

The Bachelor of Arts program in ceramics offers students a more generalized course of study and the opportunity to pursue a minor. The Bachelor of Fine Arts program in ceramics is a pre-professional degree intended to prepare students for graduate study. 

The School of Art offers Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees in Ceramics. Students select course work in close consultation with their advisor. The program aims to guide young artists from a mentor/student relationship into the world of the professionally active studio artist. In addition to the development of an advanced personal aesthetic, the curriculum in ceramics includes kiln design and construction, exploration of materials, and the design, construction and maintenance of facilities.

Peter Christian Johnson is the coordinator of the Ceramics programs.