Nicole Schneider

Nicole Schneider, B.F.A. ’07, M.F.A. ’12

Nicole Schneider, Omnibus

In creating her typically geometric and non-representational prints, artist Nicole Schneider describes her process as one of transformative layering. “I construct an image the way a musician might construct a song, using field samples,” she explains. “While viewers may not know precisely where they have encountered a certain pattern or texture, there is a moment of recognition and familiarity that has been re-contextualized.”

Schneider earned both her B.F.A. (2007) and M.F.A. (2012) in printmaking from the School of Art. In addition to her work, which has been shown and collected across Northeast Ohio, she has served on the staff of Cleveland’s Zygote Press and operated the Black Balloon Editions print shop and gallery.