Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship

Enhance your arts or arts-adjacent degree by developing an entrepreneurial mindset and professional practice skills designed to give you agency to create your own opportunities!

The Arts Entrepreneurship Minor is open to all undergraduate students and offers an interdisciplinary curriculum from the College of the Arts and the Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship. It was updated in early 2023 to enhance the multi-disciplinary arts ecosystem at Kent State through the addition of new required and entrepreneurship elective courses, and a list of minor elective courses that will expand through collaboration with programs throughout the university. This will allow students to customize their studies with courses that complement their talents and goals so they can thrive as entrepreneurs in the arts or any creative industry.

If you are pursuing an arts degree, or majoring in any creative discipline, consider enrolling today! 

Complete the Minor in 6 courses - including courses you may be taking for your degree!

Program Requirements
Code Title Credit Hours
Minor Requirements
CA 20004 Best Practices in the Arts 2
CA 20005 Innovative Applications in the Arts 2
ENTR 27056 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
ENTR 37040 Entrepreneurial Tools 3
Entrepreneurship Elective, Choose from the following 3
ENTR 37045 Sales in the Entrepreneurial Venture  
ENTR 37065 Entrepreneurial Finance  
ENTR 37070 Social Entrepreneurship  
ENTR 37075 Entrepreneurial Marketing  
ENTR 37195 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship I  
Minor Elective, choose from the following 2-3
ART 40007 Arts Engagement: Interpreting For a Community (ELR) (WIC)  
ART 40008 Professional Practices in Visual Arts (WIC)  
ART 41525 Art Education: Inquiry into Professional Practice  
CA 31300 Music Career Development and Entrepreneurship  
DAN 47060 Professional Aspects in Dance  
FDM 35280 Fashion Entrepreneurship  
THEA 41305 Professional Aspects: Performance  
THEA 41306 Professional Aspects: Design and Technology  
THEA 41726 Theatre Management  
Minimum Total Credit Hours: 15


Why Enroll?

*According to SNAAP data of 50,000+ undergraduate alumni with arts degrees surveyed in the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Aggregate Frequency Report:


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