Name Email Phone Specialty
James L. Blank 330-672-2984 Ph.D., Indiana University. Neuroendocrine regulation of gonadal function and metabolism in male mammals, environmental regulation of seasonal breeding cycles; behavioral endocrinology. More on Blank
Yeong-Renn Chen 330-325-6537 Ph.D., Oklahoma State University. Oxygen free radicals, Nitric oxide, oxidative postranslational modifications, mitochondrial biology in myocardial infarction. More on Chen
William Chilian 330-325-6426 Ph.D., University of Missouri. Angiogenesis, arteriogenesis, regulation of coronary blood flow, heart failure, stem cells, regenerative medicine. More on Chilian
Christine Crish 330-325-6598 Ph.D., Vanderbilt University.  Glaucoma, neurodegeneration, and bone loss in Alzheimer’s disease.  More on Crish
Derek Damron 330-672-3370 Ph.D., Kent State University. Cardiac myocytes, signal transduction, protein kinases, contractility, anesthetic agents, calcium, cardiovascular disease. More on Damron
Feng Dong 330-325-6138 Ph.D., University of Wyoming. More on Dong
Gail C. Fraizer 330-672-1398 Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. Tumor suppressor genes and cancer, mechanisms of tumorigenesis including growth control pathways, prostate cancer. More on Fraizer
Ernest J. Freeman 330-996-2383 Ph.D., Kent State University. Neurodegeneration, vascular smooth muscle cell function, biochemistry of multiple sclerosis. More on Freeman
Rebecca German 410-325-6299 Ph.D. Harvard University.  More on German
Ellen L. Glickman 330-672-2857 Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. Metabolic and thermal responses to acute cold exposure. More on Glickman
John D. Johnson 330-672-3899 Ph.D., University of Colorado. Neural-immune interactions, brain cytokines, mood, behavior, stress and immunity. More on Johnson
Gary Koski 330-672-3614 Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. Immune system and cancer, vaccines, molecular mechanisms. More on Koski
Manabu Kurokawa 330-672-3614 Ph.D., University of Massachusetts. More on Kurokawa
Richard L. Londraville 330-972-7151 Ph.D., Univ. Maine. Physiology and molecular biology of fish, temperature, vision, metabolism. More on Londraville
Jennifer L. Marcinkiewicz 330-672-5554 Ph.D., Illinois University at Champaign-Urbana. Ovarian follicle development, autocrine & paracrine regulation of ovarian function. More on Marcinkiewicz
Eric M. Mintz 330-672-3847 Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz. Behavioral neurobiology, circadian rhythms, feeding, and social behavior, sex differences in biological rhythms. More on Mintz
Devin Mueller 330-672-2934 Ph.D. Concordia University, Neural mechanisms of learning and memory that underlie drug use and emotional regulation. More on Mueller
Gary Niehaus 330-325-6620 Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Detection of microbial pathogens in various food matrices. More on Niehaus
Colleen Novak 330-672-3613 Ph.D., Michigan State University. Neural and endocrine mechanisms of activity thermogenesis in obesity. More on Novak
Priya Raman 330-325-6425 Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Monroe. Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes and obesity; atherosclerosis; leptin; Thrombospondin-1. More on Raman
Angela Ridgel 330-672-7495 Ph.D., Marshall University. Motor functions, Parkinsons disease, rehabilitation. More on Ridgel
Charles Thodeti 330-325-6423 Ph.D., S.V. University. Mechanical control of Tumor Angiogenesis and Cardiac Remodeling. More on Thodeti
S. Vijayaraghavan 330-672-9598 Ph.D., All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Signal transduction, sperm physiology, fertilization, contraception. More on Vijayaraghavan
Christopher J. Woolverton 330-672-4648 Ph.D., West Virginia University. Bacterial cell wall polymers in inflammation, sepsis and its sequelae, antibiotic delivery devices, microbial identification and neutralization devices. More on Woolverton
Liya Yin 330-325-6521 Ph.D., M.D., Wuhan University. More on Yin