Cognition, Learning and Education

Cognition, Learning and Education is a primary focus of the following BHRI members' research:

Adreea Smaranda Aldea, Ph.D.

My research interests include phenomenology, especially issues surrounding phenomenological methods, possibility constitution, experiences of difference and distinctive forms of consciousness (imagination, perception, memory and expectation).

Loretta Aller, Ph.D.

Studying undergraduate nursing student development; testing of new model for nursing education.

Deborah Barnbaum, Ph.D.

I specialize in clinical research ethics, and in particular, the ethics of randomized controlled trials. I've also done work on bioethics and autism.  

Rachael Blasiman, Ph.D.

I primarily study learning and memory in adults. Much of my research is applied work in the classroom, and I investigate ways to improve student learning at the college level.

Mark Bracher, Ph.D.

I'm developing a pedagogy to enhance students' capabilities of causal analysis, prospection, social cognition and metacognition, which are essential for the kind of wise decision-making that is necessary to solve global problems.

Jocelyn Folk, Ph.D.

Research focuses on investigating the cognitive processes underlying the comprehension and production of written language, emphasizing reading and spelling abilities in skilled and less-skilled populations and patients with neurological impairments.

Phillip Hamrick, Ph.D.

I conduct behavioral, computational, and neuroimaging studies on language, examining the roles declarative and procedural memory play in language, and how statistical indices of experience can be used to model language and memory computationally.

Jakyung Seo, MFA

Lighting design for entertainment. 

Chris Was, Ph.D.

My current research focuses on the interaction of implicit and explicit memory procedures in complex cognitive processing.