Canvas-Ready Checklist

Before you begin teaching, review the following checklist to ensure your course is Canvas-ready! 

Download the Canvas-Ready Checklist (PDF)

Canvas-Ready Checklist


Training Canvas Training features several options for on-demand, 1:1, live training sessions.
Combined Courses (optional) Submit a ticket to request a Canvas Course Combine to merge multiple courses/sections into a primary course in Canvas.
Import Course Content (optional) Copy (Import) content from another Canvas course. Copy course content from one Canvas course to another using the Course Import Tool. Be sure to review more information on the Course Import Tool, including, features, options, and limitations.


KSO Template & Home Import the Kent State Online Template to build a quality course quickly and easily! The template comes pre-loaded with a homepage, a standard course structure, and placeholders for course content that can be customized.
Modules & Pages Modules and Pages provide a clear and consistent pathway for students to follow.
Navigation Course Navigation features only tools used in your class.
Syllabus Syllabus page provides access to your Syllabus.

Review & Revise

Assignments & Discussions Assignments and Discussions are included in appropriate Modules. Check points, due dates, and settings.
Quizzes Quizzes are included in appropriate Modules. Questions & settings (e.g., points, accommodations, results) are set up properly for your Classic Quizzes or New Quizzes.
Grades Gradebook columns are organized. Point totals are accurate. Empty or repeated Assignment Groups are removed. Grading schema and weighted grades (if utilized) are accurate.
Review & Publish Validate links. Check accessibility. Publish Modules and items within Modules. Lock Modules that should be released later in the course.
Student View Student View provides an opportunity to preview all course materials.


Canvas Help & Orientation Access Canvas via FlashLine or Recommend Canvas in a Flash (Student Edition) for an orientation. Phone (330-672-HELP). Chat with Canvas Support via Help button in Canvas.
Monitor Activity People page can be used to monitor student access. Send reminders to those not yet logged into Canvas.