When it comes to learning a new technology, you may prefer videos, guides, live training sessions, time to tinker with new tools and settings, 1:1 help and support, or any combination of approaches.

Given those contributing factors, our comprehensive training plan has been designed to accommodate a variety of learning preferences.

CANVAS IN A FLASH (Instructor Edition)

Self-paced training experience. Canvas essential training with pedagogical considerations for designing and delivering instruction. Includes an option to earn a Bronze Teaching Development Award from the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Email to request access to Canvas in a Flash.

Canvas Essentials Recordings - Watch On Demand

Canvas Essentials Pt. 1
Canvas Essentials Pt. 2

Topics covered include organizing a course, updating the course navigation, designing a home page, importing the KSOT, building a module, designing pages, adding text headers, module organization, publishing and date restricting modules.

Canvas Essentials Pt. 3

Topics covered include adding assignments and discussions to a module, submitting in student view, Gradebook, assignment groups/weighted grading, announcements, syllabus, teams link, and course card image.


Live (Online) Training Sessions. Information Technology (IT) and Kent State Online (KSO) are offering several training sessions on Canvas, including First Look @ Canvas; Canvas Essentials; Canvas – Beyond the Basics; Canvas Overview; Assignments/Assessments; and Communication.


Canvas - Overview for Instructors

Instructors and TA's only: Join us for an overview of the CANVAS system for Instructors and Teaching Assistants. Topics include communication tools, posting content, tests and assignments, the grade center, Kaltura, and the TEAMS conference tool.

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Canvas - Communication Tools
Canvas - Quizzes & Assignments For Instructors

This class focuses on setting up and deploying quizzes, and assignments. This workshop also covers the SpeedGrader feature and the Gradebook itself. Faculty manage students' grades for a variety of assessments, including assignments, tests, and discussion board posts. Faculty can also create grade columns for any activities or requirements that require grading but do not require submission through CANVAS, such as special projects, participation, or attendance. **FOR INSTRUCTORS ONLY**.

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Request 1:1 support for making the switch from Blackboard and/or getting started in Canvas.

Request Help & Support


Have a question about Canvas? Stop in to Online Tech Office Hours and talk to Tom and Johnny to get live help with your Canvas tech questions. No appointment necessary! 


Canvas - Online Office Hours

Have a question about Canvas? Stop in to the Online Tech Office Hours and talk to Tom and Johnny to get live help with your Canvas tech questions. No appointment necessary!

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