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Please review the following frequently asked questions.

Getting Started with Canvas Teaching with Canvas Making the Switch from Blackboard KSU’s Journey to Canvas

We will monitor and update this page with important information throughout our Canvas launch.

Getting Started with Canvas

How do I access Canvas?

Faculty can visit canvas.kent.edu to access Canvas. Only students enrolled in Canvas courses can access Canvas at this time.

How do I setup my class(es) in Canvas?

The Current Term LMS/Course Declaration Page (FlashLine > FlashFAST for Faculty) enables instructors to setup Canvas for Fall 2021 classes. Note that courses and materials must be Published in Canvas for students to access your materials.

You can also review the Canvas-Ready Checklist (PDF) before you begin teaching to make sure your course is Canvas Ready!

The deadline to opt-in for Canvas this fall is August 25 at 11:59 pm EST.

How do I receive Canvas training?

We are excited to offer a variety of options for online (live) sessions, self-paced training, and individual consultation opportunities:

  • Canvas in a Flash. (available now in Canvas). Self-paced orientation to Canvas with pedagogical considerations for designing and delivering instruction in any classroom. 
  • Practice Course. (available now in Canvas). Each instructor has access to a Canvas Practice Course. Consider this course to be your space to explore and apply lessons learned in trainings and workshops. Not seeing a Practice Course? Please let us know!
  • Training.kent.edu. Online (live) Canvas training sessions and workshops. 
  • 1:1 Help & Support. Individual consultations with our team of Instructional Design and Educational Technology staff.
  • Student Support. Our Canvas website has a variety of resources to help students get started, and our KSU Help Desk will be available to support students with Canvas 24x7.
How are students notified about Canvas?

Invariably, students will have some Blackboard courses and some Canvas courses in Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022. It’s important to let students know that you're using Canvas for your course(s).


  • FlashLine “Button” and Dashboard. Students can easily identify and access Canvas or Blackboard courses with the new Canvas/Blackboard “button” and dashboard in FlashLine.
  • Course Technology. Students can check the Course Technology field in their class schedules to identify Canvas courses and Blackboard courses.
  • Redirect from your Blackboard course. No course content should be available in Blackboard. However, consider adding a link on the homepage to Canvas (canvas.kent.edu).
  • Welcome email. Include a link to Canvas (canvas.kent.edu) in a welcome email at the start of your course.
  • Check People. Monitor the People area in Canvas. If a student does not have any activity in your course, consider reaching out and helping students find their way to Canvas.
  • Student Support. Let students know about our Canvas website, which has a variety of resources to help students get started, and our KSU Help Desk is available to support students with Canvas 24x7.
    • Phone (330-672-HELP), Opt 4 for Canvas
    • Chat with Canvas Support via Help button in Canvas
How do I combine courses in Canvas?

Submit a ticket to request a Canvas Course Combine. Once you’ve set Canvas for Fall 2021 course(s), multiple courses in Canvas can be combined or merged into a single primary course and appear as secondary “sections” within that primary course. In Canvas, the combination process is called “cross-listing.” This process in Canvas is separate and unrelated to courses that are designated as cross-listed in the University Catalog.

What other tools are available in Canvas?

GradeScope has replaced ScanTron: Gradescope is a tool for creating and grading paper-based assessments through the web. GradeScope provides modern, digital access to bubble sheet testing for both in-person and remote testing. We invite you to check out this brief video.

Kaltura (video.kent.edu) brings the power of video to our teaching and learning platforms. Kaltura integrates seamlessly with both Blackboard Learn and Canvas, allowing faculty to embed video directly into courses and students to submit video assignments. This article provides additional information on the platform.

Turnitin Similarity Checker is our new anti-plagiarism tool. Turnitin was selected by a cross-functional RFP committee and integrated with Canvas because Safe Assign is a Learn-only solution. We successfully copied the content of Kent State’s SafeAssign database, so all content through this past spring is included in Turnitin. A host of helpful tutorials are available to help get started with Turnitin.

MS Teams for Canvas is also here! This video conferencing tool integrates with Canvas and is also available to use in Learn. Collaborate Ultra will remain available in Blackboard Learn, and Teams is the official video conferencing tool for Canvas. More information about this exciting integration can be found on the MS Teams Sharepoint site.

Review the current list of Canvas LTIs for additional tools and more information.

Teaching with Canvas

How do I import the Kent State Online Template?

Import the KSOT. Kent State Online Template is designed to help you build a high-quality online learning experience quickly and efficiently. The Canvas KSOT comes pre-loaded with a Home page, standard course navigation, as well as placeholders for course content that can be customized.

How do I send a message to the entire class?

Canvas Inbox. Instructors can utilize the Canvas Inbox to send messages to an entire class or specific students. Note, students' custom notification settings may or may not alert them (via KSU email) to the new message; these settings are customizable by each student for each course.

How do I upload video files to Canvas?

Kaltura Video. Instructors and students can embed Kaltura videos in their Canvas courses anywhere that the rich text editor appears (including pages, assignments, discussion posts, etc.).

How do I use MS Teams in my course?

MS Teams & Canvas. MS Teams is the synchronous classroom technology paired with Canvas. An MS Teams meeting link can be added to your course using the Rich Text Editor. Recommendation – add one MS Teams meeting link to your Canvas homepage.

How do I use Grade Push in Canvas?

Midterm and Final Grade Push. The Canvas Midterm and Final Grade Push Applications are designed to allow for all grades in a section to be imported from Canvas and then pushed to either the Midterm Grades roster or Final Grades roster. The Grade Push Applications will be active during the midterm or final grading window of your course sections.

How do I adjust assessment times for students?

Moderate Quiz. Extra time will need to be added per student, per assessment.

How do I proctor exams in Canvas?

Proctorio remains the default proctoring service available for all Kent State University courses. Proctorio currently works with Classic Quizzes only.

Canvas courses are now missing from my Dashboard … how do I access them?
How do I copy content from another Canvas course?

Course Import. You can copy course content from one Canvas course to another using the Course Import Tool. Be sure to review more information on the Course Import Tool, including, features, options, and limitations.

What happens after a term end date?

Students can view a course, email instructors, and download submitted work. Students can no longer participate (e.g., complete assignments) in the course.

Instructors can email other instructors or TAs, and download student work. Instructors can no longer adjust course dates, edit course content, email students, or update grades.

Courses now appear in Past Enrollments (accessible via Courses > All Courses).

Reference: University of Texas, Course Term Dates and Extend End Dates
How do I adjust start and end dates?
How can students participate in a course after the term ends? (E.g., to finish coursework for an Incomplete)

If you would like a student(s) to participate in a course after the term ends, please contact our online support staff to extend your course end date. Please include the new course end/extended date in your request.

Making the Switch from Blackboard

How do I move my Blackboard content into Canvas?

The Course Migration Page (FlashLine > FlashFAST for Faculty) enables instructors to migrate Blackboard content to Canvas. When your migration is complete, you will be notified by email with the next steps for preparing your course in Canvas.

If you prefer to start fresh in Canvas, you may certainly do so! Importing the Kent State Online Template is a great place to start!

How do I download Blackboard course data?

Please consult with your departmental chair or dean for any specific record retention policies or requirements.

Spring 2022 is the final semester that courses can be taught from Blackboard Learn. The system will be available for a short time after the conclusion of the Spring semester to allow users a final chance to retrieve anything they may need from the Learning Management System. When the contract ends on June 30th, Blackboard Learn will be inaccessible by anyone at our university. Please be sure to download and save any information you wish to have access to beyond the retirement of Blackboard Learn.

The Course Content Migration page can be used to copy content from a previous Blackboard Learn course into Canvas in its own "BB Migrated" development course shell. However, the migration only includes content and does not include any student activity, assessment submissions, test attempts, grades, grade history, or discussion board posts.

The following steps will walk you through downloading and saving copies of this data for your records.

If I move Blackboard content, am I teaching in Canvas?

No, not exactly. This process creates a Canvas course with your Blackboard content and no student enrollments; this course will contain the prefix BB-Migrated. You can proceed to make any necessary adjustments, and import the BB-Migrated course into your Fall course.

What’s the difference between Canvas and Blackboard?
I used additional tools and integrations with my Blackboard course (e.g., linked to a publisher platform). What is available in Canvas?

KSU’s Journey to Canvas 

Why are we moving to Canvas? Who made this decision?

Canvas is an innovative and intuitive platform; we hope you’ll love it!

Please review the LMS Search website for information on the rationale, selection process, and committee members involved in this decision. Ultimately, the decision to select Canvas as the next LMS at Kent State University was unanimous among the committee members.

When do I have to move to Canvas?

Courses will no longer be offered in Blackboard in Summer 2022.