International Students

Counseling and Psychological Services recognizes international students as a significant part of the Kent State University student body, including those students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, or non-degree programs  and participants in international exchange programs. 

The variety of issues experienced by international students can be unique, diverse, and complex in nature.  Usually, international students have a variety of experiences and deal with several adjustment issues as they gradually settle in a new environment.  Many issues are related to adjusting to a new culture and may include: learning a new language, adjusting to a different academic environment, forming friendships, or understanding the norms of a new country.  

For many international students, psychotherapy or counseling may not be a common practice.  However, in the United States, therapy is a more common way to deal with personal problems and issues.  Counseling and Psychological Services has successfully assisted international students referred by faculty or staff or from the Office of Global Education; as well as students who have chosen to make an appointment to discuss their personal issues on their own. 

Counseling provides a confidential setting where students discuss any issues that they are facing.  We are committed to providing a professional and welcoming environment where individual identity and diversity are recognized, valued, and respected.  Our staff aspires to provide an environment that is free from prejudice and discrimination through active training and professional and personal growth.