Core Skills Courses:

Full time students are required to take all 2 credit core (Reading, Writing, Listening & Grammar) classes at each level. Speaking classes are required at levels 1, 3, 5, 7, & 9 and count towards the student’s GPA. If a student gets a “D” or “F” in a class, the class must be repeated.

Speaking: 1 credit at each level

Students develop oral communication skills for various communicative settings in academic and non-academic environments. Students practice giving both independent and integrated spoken responses.

Listening: 2 credits at each level

Students develop listening skills pertaining to student life/out of the classroom as well as to academic situations selected from the natural and social sciences, the arts and business. Classes will focus on developing basic comprehension, pragmatic understanding, as well as connecting information and building note-taking skills.

Writing: 2 credits at each level

Students will learn about the process of writing and how to write different texts genres, including journal entries, essays and research papers. Students will practice writing independent and integrated short essays.

Reading: 2 credits at each level

Students will improve their reading skills through finding and understanding main ideas, comprehending vocabulary from context, making inferences, summarizing and other techniques. Note-taking, timed readings and vocabulary building are important components of this course.

Grammar: 2 credits at each level

Students will learn how English phrases, clauses and sentences are formed to support building fluency and accuracy when practicing speaking, listening, writing, and reading.