ESL Program Fees

Tuition & Enrollment

Depending on their visa status, students can enroll in ESL classes either full-time (18 credit hours per semester) or part-time (11 credit hours per semester maximum).

Tuition for one semester (Fall or Spring)  for a full-time student is $5,208.10.* Students who have an F1 visa are required to be full-time students during Fall and/or Spring semesters.

Please note: If you come for  Module 2 (Fall or Spring) tuition for a full-time student is based per credit hour. Full time enrollment for one module is 9 credit hours. Per credit hour rate can be found here.

*All tuition prices and other expenses are subject to change.

Estimated Expenses

If you need an F1 student visa, you must verify your ability to pay for educational and living expenses during your time of study. Below is a chart for Fall and Spring semesters that indicates what you should expect to pay during your studies. If you plan to attend only Summer classes, please refer to the section "Summer ESL Programs" for estimated expenses. Use this chart to determine how much you should verify on your ADMISSION APPLICATION and FINANCIAL VERIFICATION form.


One Semester (Module 1 & Module 2)
Two Semesters
Tuition *$5,208.10$10, 416.20
ESL surcharge for out-of-state tuition$190 ($10 per credit hour)$380 ($10 per credit hour)
Living Expenses**$6,520$13,040
Other Costs: Medical Insurance and Books/Supplies (estimated)$1,445.50$2,891
In addition:
  • Admission Application fee: $30.00 (one time fee)
  • This table does not include miscellaneous everyday expenses (winter clothes, car insurance..) because they depend on the individual student's lifestyle. They are estimated at an average of $2,520.
  • Students who bring family members may use the chart above and add $4,500.00 for spouse or other first dependent, plus $2,500.00 for each additional dependent (if staying an academic year).
  • Please note that all students who are not 20 years or older, are required to live on campus and buy a meal plan, according to university regulations unless specific criteria are met.

*Tuition prices are subject to change. 

**This price is an average or sample price for on-campus housing/dormitory. Housing fees for winter break and spring break are not included. ***The United States does not have universal health care. International students are automatically enrolled in this insurance plan at registration unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished.

Registration & Payment

After the ESL placement test and orientation, students will be registered for classes and pay for tuition. Students will receive "Registration papers" when they arrive in Kent. For Fall and Spring semesters, students have two payment options: 1) You may pay your entire tuition in one payment. 2) You may pay your tuition in three installments. There will be a service charge of $35.00 per semester for the installment payment plan. Installment plans are not available for the Summer module.

If you want to cancel an ESL class or program that you paid for, send an email to ESL Registration.

IMPORTANT—Students who withdraw from all classes or drop courses MAY be entitled to an adjustment of total tuition billed based on the Kent State Course Schedule and must notify the Office of Global Education.