Program Information

The ESL Center offers a quality, intensive language program with a variety of classes designed to complement each other as well as provide in-depth English language instruction. The intensive program consists of seven-week-long modules and allows students to develop those language skills needed in an academic environment.

All full-time students will enroll in three different courses during each seven-week module:

  • Reading & Vocabulary

  • Writing & Grammar

  • Listening & Speaking

Initial placement is based on test scores only. Students will automatically advance to the next level through passing grades; they may skip one or several levels through excellent test scores at the end of a 7- week module. All students participate in first-time placement tests as well as in achievement exams at the end of each 7-week module.

Each of the following course levels can be completed in one 7-week module:

  • Beginner 1

  • Beginner 2

  • Pre Intermediate 1

  • Pre Intermediate 2

  • Intermediate 1

  • Intermediate 2

  • High Intermediate 1

  • High Intermediate 2

  • Advanced 1

  • Advanced 2