Adult Learners

Are you a future adult or veteran student at Kent State University? We're among the best colleges for veterans and adults. Find all of the resources you need as you begin your transition.


Start the online application on the admissions website. To see what classes are available, access the Undergraduate catalog.

Student Financial Aid

Find more information about federal financial aid.

Career Exploration and Development

Find personal assistance with career planning including resume writing, interviewing and job search skills. Also, accelerate your degree progress by testing out of classes through CLEP, the College Level Examination Program.

Lactation Rooms

The above link lists all the places with lactation rooms at the Kent Campus and across our entire regional campus system.

Get Involved

Kent State University offers many opportunities for students to become active participants on campus. Adult students can organize as an official student group and provide services and activities of interest to the membership. So far, three such organizations exist at Kent State’s Kent Campus. Students can participate in these organizations in face-to-face and virtual spaces. Please contact the Center for Adult and Veteran Services at 330-672-7933 for more information.

Kent State University Veterans Club

This association was designed to bring veterans of all ages, races and majors together. It remains consistently important to draw attention to veteran issues, and to pursue camaraderie, commitment, friendship and leadership while a student at Kent State.


This group is the campus outreach component of the LIFE program for single parents. Family activities are offered during the academic year that are parent- and child-friendly. 


This group offers support for families, friends and significant others of military personnel. They help raise awareness about military personnel and their unique needs.


Check out this page for helpful tips on how to balance family life with working towards a graduate degree.

Parents and Family Association

This Facebook group offers support and information for the families of students. Go here to find out more about how Kent State is a place for students with children.