Adult Scholarships

The first step in getting financial assistance for college is to complete FAFSA (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Any adult returning to a public or private higher education institution is eligible for financial aid. No matter how long it has been since you attended school, you can apply for assistance without any cost. While your application is processed, start making your education more affordable by viewing these scholarships and college grants for adults.

Scholarships and College Grants

Financial Aid ResourceWho Should Apply
American Legion Auxiliary Non-Traditional Student ScholarshipHelps existing members of American Legion pursue their education.
The Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher EducationOffers a number of scholarships for adult students to encourage adult learning.
College Now Adult Learner Program ScholarshipFor students 19 and older who have interrupted their undergraduate education for at least a year.
Edumed.orgScholarships and online resources for health sciences students.
Helen Dix ScholarshipFor non-traditional female junior or senior undergraduate students. Email for details.
National Collegiate Cancer FoundationGives scholarships to individuals ages 18-35 who have battled cancer.
Adults in Scholastic Transition ScholarshipProvides assistance to women facing economic, social, or physical challenges looking to improve their educational opportunities.
American Association of University WomenOffers a variety of scholarships to women of all ages.
Lester Lefton Student Persistence ScholarshipIntended for full-time juniors or full-time seniors with need. Contact PCB for details.
The Jeannette Rankin Women's ScholarshipAimed at women 35 and older with a low income looking to complete their associate's or bachelor's degree.
The Women's Independence ScholarshipIntended to help formerly battered women and single mothers with young children struggling financially with childcare and education cost.
Jane Edna Hunter ScholarshipNeed-based financial assistance for full-time undergraduate women under the age of 30.
Women's Scholarships through edumed.orgScholarships and resources for women pursuing higher education.
KFB Law ScholarshipScholarship for continuing education. Recipient does not need to be a law school student.
Portage FoundationScholarship for non-traditional, female students.