Academic Planning

When to Start?

Right away - the first semester of your first year at Kent State.

How to Start
  • Discuss with your academic advisor study-away options and the ideal time to study away. Timing will vary depending on your major, the credit hours you’ve earned and your personal goals. Your advisor will help you identify specific degree requirements that you will need to complete abroad.Once you’ve identified an ideal time and destination, ask your advisor to update your GPS planner.
  • Confirm course equivalencies. You need to be sure the courses you take will count toward your degree. If you are taking a substitute course for a requirement, you will need approval from your school. If you are studying abroad with a non-Kent State program (like those offered through ISEP), you need to meet with both OGE and your academic advisor to determine next steps.
Before You Go
  • Talk to students who have studied abroad in your desired destination. Many students write blog posts about studying abroad, or share their work products. Reviewing this information will help you plan and manage your expectations.
  • Attend information and orientation sessions related to your study-away program, especially those that focus on your safety and well-being. It’s important to pay attention to smart tips and requirements.
While You Study Away
  • Stay in contact with your advisor to plan for your return. You will have to register for classes while you are away.
  • Don’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed or out of place from time to time. If this happens, talk to someone – peers, faculty, staff. Also take advantage of other resources like the “Been There, Felt That” Program that links you to an experienced student traveler who has overcome similar feelings.
  • Network! Take full advantage of the amazing opportunities to make new friends and contacts at your host destination.
When You Return
  • Attend resume workshops offered by CCI or Kent State to learn how to represent your study-away experience on your resume.
  • Connect with others who have studied away.
  • Look for other opportunities to study away!