Programs and Locations

Leave the familiar. Embrace the new. Expand your boundaries.

In CCI, we believe that one way to be global is to learn beyond your conventional boundaries. We offer our students multiple opportunities to study in new environments, with new faculty and new peers. Students can tailor their experiences to their needs and can choose from semester-long, summer and short (generally, two-week) options.

You can travel with, study with and live with your Kent State peers in locations like Florence, Italy; Chengdu, China; Washington, D.C., and Columbus, Ohio. They will be supported by Kent State faculty and staff. 

Or, you can chart your own course at universities where you will be surrounded by international and American peers, you will study with international and American faculty and you will absorb the culture by living like a local.


From the top of Il Duomo

Our other destinations and programs include:

Study Abroad (International):

Additional Study Abroad Locations (International)

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Study Away (Domestic):

The programs below are not eligible for CCI Explore Financial Incentives.