Michael Gallagher

“To me, being global means to recognize that everyday there is a new place to go, a new story to tell, and new people to meet. Being global means that one action can have an effect on another community near or far away, whether we like it or not. People can be global without leaving their county. It is a mental understanding on your life. We may never go to a place like Indonesia where our T-shirts are made, but we certainly can watch a documentary about Indonesia. We may never venture to Antarctica, but we can read about how climate change is causing icebergs to melt. I believe being global is important because every day we live on this planet should be filled with asking questions, starting conversations, and learning about others. And if we are so lucky to have the chance to hop on a plane and explore a new region of the world, then we are truly blessed. It is our job to see new places and talk about them to those who do not get the chance to go. Being global is about discovery and enjoying the journey rather than the place.”

--Michael Gallagher
Communication Studies, Class of 2019